The Phantom Sister

Published: August, 2015


As 12-year-old Alison reaches out to touch a
strange white patch in a pond a hand slides
up and takes hold of hers . . .


The Phantom Sister is out now as an e-book. A crossover adventure story, it is both for the young – especially the 9 to 12s – and for grown-up readers.

At 22,500 words, this is its first publication.

To order, see Irvine Hunt Author on Amazon for the Kindle e-book.

The story came about thanks to an old pond which lies at the front of our Cumbrian farmhouse. A bit overwhelmed today with irisis and bull rushes, it is thought to be some 900 years old, perhaps even a thousand, there is some evidence to suggest that.

Down the years many people have worked there. It has been a watering ground for cattle, and at times strings of packhorses are said to have trekked through as they crossed the north of England into Yorkshire. Bits of pottery, bottles, rusted pans and even a broken doll – with eye lashes still able to flutter – have come from its depths, the spillage from those there long before us.

At times standing at its side I have wondered how many people have stared into its depths. Then one morning I began to wonder was anyone staring out . . .


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