Lakeland Yesterday

lakeland yesterday squareThe Lake District of a century ago graphically portrayed in words and old photographs.

Famous faces include Beatrix Potter, John Peel and Arthur Ransome; as well as many of the not-so-famous, the farmers, miners, fishermen and pedlars. 

These photographs and stories are a vivid reminder of the lives and activities which have helped to make the Lake District and Cumbria one of the country’s best-loved regions.


“Excellent, strongly written with superb images. A must for everyone interested in the way we were.”
Cumbria Life Magazine

“Nostalgia oozes pleasantly from Lakeland Yesterday; an entertaining miscellany of memories, pictures and advertisements put together with care and enthusiasm.”
Cumberland and Westmorland Herald

“A book to be enjoyed, to inform and to take its place as a valuable contribution to local history.”
Keswick Reminder

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From Lakeland Yesterday Vol I

Blacksmith Sam Hoggarth

Well I allus fancied being a blacksmith. For one thing I liked horses. Started when I was fourteen at Bowness, Windermere . . .

When I were a lad everyone depended on t’blacksmith. Aye, even Kings. Doest know story of King Solomon’s palace?

Well he gives all t’men who built it a grand feast. A proper do.

And efter a bit King says to first ‘un:

And what’s it with thee?

Oh, well, King, I built t’walls.

Aye? says Solomon. Grand! And who sharpens the tools?

Oh, he says, well, blacksmith does.

And King asks another: And what’s it with thee?

Oh, I’s a joiner. I did t’joinery.

Aye? says King. And who sharpens the tools?

Well, he says, t’blacksmith.

And Solomon went on down the table till he comes to last un.

And what’s it with thee?

Well, I’s a blacksmith, says the man.

Oh yes, says King, and who sharpens the tools?

Well . . . I does.

Oh, aye, and where’d you get ‘em in fust place?

Why, says t’blacksmith, I meks ‘em.

Then Solomon in a big voice says:

Aaay, get thee ta top of t’table! Without thee

there’d be no work for any of these devils!

Aye, one thing I’ll tell on: I never drove a nail in on a Good Friday, not on any horse ‘cause when Christ was crucified it was blacksmith as would have ta make t’nails, happen that same day as they was used, and they would have ta be droven.

Nay, never for driving on a Good Friday. You’d not have me nailing Christ to t’cross.


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