The Ghost Show

The sequel to Irvine Hunt’s The Drover’s Boy

Sixteen year old Henry has lost his job and faces a dismal future… Then an amazing ghost show enters his life and nothing is ever going to be the same…

It is almost 1900 as Henry joins a travelling fairground family and plunges into an adventure with friends, skinny little Snivel and feisty Jenny, a girl Henry longs to make his own.

This exciting sequel to Irvine Hunt’s much loved novel The Drover’s Boy is based on the real-life Biddall family who toured the fairs with their scary show.

A gripping tale…junior schools would do well to have this book on their library shelves and read it aloud in class.” – Lucilla Laval, Feature Writer

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Eyeless Sockets

The boys entered a dark entrance tunnel. Three steps and suddenly:


A shriek and an explosive rattle. A strange white apparition

tumbled straight at them. A skeleton, only to vanish – zap!

“Ow! Help!”

They had ducked, but nothing was there.

“Blimey! Where’s it gone?”

There was no chance of finding out. People were surging in behind

them, wanting seats. The theatre was dark and hot. Sputtering acetylene

lamps hissed, filling the place with a pungent gassy smell.

The lads had hardly time to squash onto a bench.


The crash of harmonium music filled the theatre, then somehow it turned

itself into God Save the Queen. As it died away eighty people fell silent.

Two musicians started to play a banjo and bones medley, nothing strange,

nothing . . .

A gasp rippled through the audience. Rising up behind the banjo player was a ghostly cowled figure. Unseen by either of the   musicians, it loomed over them, its bony skull staring out of black eyeless sockets . . .

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